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Order your copy of Urban Tails here

Order your copy of Urban Tails here

About the Authors

Sara holds paper certificates, degrees and diplomas that far exceed her ability. She was thrown into a world of romance novels, boiled okra and feline fantasies at an early age. Sara believes shoes are evil, yet red hair dye is as important as oxygen. She rents a small, dark downstairs room in a home owned by one dog and eight cats. She is extremely loyal and falls down a lot.

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Always seeking the perfect and pure musical note, Knox can be found in both recording and photographic studios from NYC to Katmandu. Around age 5 he was amazed at "the feel" of the first 35mm camera he stole. The sound you hear in an Atlanta alley could very well be coming from the bottom of a dumpster - a man in black, coaxing a little kitty to "smile for the camera." He is well maintained by Lukas, a Giant Schnauzer of disreputable character.

Knox can be reached by e-mail at here
and boasts numerous Web sites, including www.AvatarPhotoArt.com and www.ArcadiaRocks.com.


This past year, we overlooked a single female in our quest to neuter all cats. Her two recent litters bear out the statistics that we present in the introduction to our book. For throughout the introduction, the stories, and the photographs, we hope to illustrate in multiple ways the necessity of an active policy of trap, neuter/spay, and return.

Remember these pictures with more than your minds. Remember them with your hearts and consider. . . . .

Homelessness, with all its loneliness, deprivation, hunger, illness, fear, prejudice and cruelty, is not just a human condition.

Like humans, alley cats love, explore, play to exhaustion, frolic, and even dance.

Often alley cats, like people, find themselves in situations that call for sheer guts.

As with human babies, alley kittens can be exquisitely beautiful or truly unsightly.

Some alley cats, as some people, must bear either physical or emotional scars for life.

When you see our pictures, allow yourselves to feel. Cats exist with us, fellow travelers in this universe. They are not an inferior species, simply one on a different plane.

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