Sara holds paper certificates, degrees and diplomas that far exceed her ability. She was thrown into a world of romance novels, boiled okra and feline fantasies at an early age. Sara believes shoes are evil, yet red hair dye is as important as oxygen. She rents a small, dark downstairs room in a home owned by one dog and eight cats. She is extremely loyal and falls down a lot.

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Always seeking the perfect and pure musical note, Knox can be found in both recording and photographic studios from NYC to Katmandu. Around age 5 he was amazed at "the feel" of the first 35mm camera he stole. The sound you hear in a New York City alley could very well be coming from the bottom of a dumpster - a man in black, coaxing a little kitty to "smile for the camera." He is well maintained by Lukas, a Giant Schnauzer of disreputable character.

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